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As a service to our current and prospective clients, we provide a guide to the most frequently-visited URL addresses.

Please take a moment to browse, and you’ll appreciate both its breadth and value. In a larger view, the guide is a mark of our overall commitment to delivering the kind of tools and resources our clients need. Even if it goes beyond the realm of traditional legal advice.

As a client, you can expect no less.


Library of Congress http://lcweb.loc.gov

Legislative Branch http://thomas.loc.gov

Executive Branch http://www.whitehouse.gov

Executive Agencies:

Dept of Commerce http://www.doc.gov

Dept of Health & Human Services http://www.hhs.gov

Dept of Housing & Urban Development http://www.hud.gov

Dept of Interior http://www.doi.gov

Dept of Justice http://www.usdoj.gov

Dept of Labor http://www.dol.gov

Dept of Transportation http://www.dot.gov

Independent Agencies:

EPA http://www.epa.gov

EEOC http://www.eeoc.gov

FCC http://www.fcc.gov

FEMA http://www.fema.gov

Judicial Branch:

Supreme Court http://www.uscourts.gov

Public Access to Court Electronic Records http://pacer.psc.uscourts.gov;

Federal Circuit:

US Court of Appeals http://www.cafc.uscourts.gov/

Business and Finance:

Better Business Bureau http://www.bbb.org

Hoover’s http://www.hoovers.com

Wall Street Journal http://www.wsj.com

News & Media:

Newslink http://www.newslink.org

Newspapers OnLine http://www.newspapers.com



American Meteorological Society http://www.ametsoc.org

National Weather Service http://www.nws.noaa.gov

Mapquest http://www.mapquest.com

Big Book Directory http://www.bigbook.com

AT & T 1-800 Directory http://www.att.com/directory

WorldPages Directory http://www.worldpages.com

Museums Online http://www.musee-online.org

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